Angel Olsen


wearing this record ooooout

kiss me, baby!

kiss me, baby!

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Animal Collective

“The Purple Bottle”

good song, happy memories on sad scary day

John Lennon

“Whatever Gets You Thru The Night”

super john lennon mood

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Vampire Weekend

“Ya Hey”

1.  Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

this album is SO GOOD.  so weird, but also really pretty.  like what’s up with the ya heys??  but everything really works.  i always thought that vampire weekend could get really annoying, so i didn’t expect to like this album sooo muccccchh.  but i do!  it just sounds more mature, or something, than their other albums, but not in a boring, stuffy way.  it’s so catchy and really smart and cool.  definitely my go-to ‘i don’t know what to listen to right now’ album this year and it never ever let me down.

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Kanye West

“Blood On The Leaves”

2.  Kanye West - Yeezus

my first reaction to this album was that it was too dark.  it wasn’t the same kanye.  it didn’t give me those second-hand, awesome confidence/arrogance vibes.  which is weird since it’s called yeezus and has a song called i am a god.  but one of the reasons i like kanye is because he makes me wish i was like him (really).  but this album is different and it’s still great.  it’s angry, it gives you chills, it makes you laugh, it’s brilliant. 


“San Francisco”

3.  Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

this album!  it’s so fun!  so 60s.  i loved it instantly and it’s impossible to get sick of.  it’s kind of cute music, but it never gets too precious.  it’s catchy and different and when you listen to it you get transported somewhere happy and cool.

Atoms for Peace


4.  Atoms for Peace - AMOK

it’s thom yorke so of course i was obsessed with it for a good chunk of the year.  it’s weird electronic stuff and thom singing and catchy songs, i don’t know what else you need?  maybe flea could have have gone crazier.  i liked it a lot to begin with and the songs really popped even more after hearing them live(!!).  it’s a quick perfect little album, but maybe i’m biased. 

Mikal Cronin

“Shout It Out”

5.  Mikal Cronin - MCII

I really like this album and it grew and grew on me all year.  To the point where it’s higher on this list than Arcade Fire and Daft Punk!!  It’s catchy and it really got me.  It’s got a good loud guitary sound on some nice beachy sounding pop songs.  It was perfect for summer and perfect for fall when you wanted to pretend it was still summer.  And reallllllly perfect for singing along to loud in the car.  

James Blake


6.  James Blake - Overgrown

soo sexy.  but sexy in like a really cool and different way.  man, i could listen to retrograde forever.  this album is all dark and moody and soulful, but it’s maybe not as weird as the last album which is too bad.  also, i could really do without the cheesy rapping, but other than that, really great album.  i definitely had an a+ time listening to it this year.